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Video: The Silent Witness


13wjbk It’s everywhere and anywhere these days. Smartphones, IRIS Cameras, Surveillance, all potential sources of evidence should you or a loved one find themselves caught up with the law. I’ve often said that video makes or breaks a case, and it is true. Video doesn’t make a mistake, it doesn’t forget, and it has no reason to lie or change the story.

Here is what you should do should you find yourself in a bind:

  • Reach out to see if the location of the incident has video surveillance and look around, there may be other cameras or other sources of video out there. A lot of places may capture or record, but there is this thing called a RETENTION POLICY. That means that the video is not kept forever. Some locations keep video surveillance for a week, some 30 days. You have to ACT FAST!snapchat-1374859_1280
  • Social Media. Some people love to catch a good fight or anything involving law enforcement. See if anyone posted the video online, on Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc. But again, ACT FAST!! Some of these social networks don’t keep video for long!
  • Bystanders, if you are lucky enough, someone around you may have caught the incident on video! Ask around, ask the people you were with, employees of a location who may know if anyone caught it on video. Be your own investigator.
Be aware that some locations require a legal document called a SUBPOENA in order to get your hands on the video. In those instances, you will need legal help to obtain the video that could very well save you.

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